YOUTH DHB (Don't Hold Back!)

DHB is our ministry aimed at 11-18's. On a Wednesday evening, DHB holds 'Youth Church' at the Elim building from 6:30-8:15pm, and on a Sunday they join with the adult congregation in the Belgrade Theatre, usually sitting together in the front few rows.

Twice a month during the sermons in the main congregation, the young people from years 7-10 will step out of the service for DHB Extra, this is a chance for them to discuss what the young people have been learning during DHB the previous Friday. For young people in school years 11-13 we also have E3:20. This is a social setting where the young people along with a few leaders will head out for a quick bite to eat and talk about life, faith, struggle and successes.

Email our Youth Pastor, Ryan Ireland about any queries you have about the youth department at