Elim's 24/7 prayer room...

From the 21st January through to the Easter Weekend, Coventry Elim will be hosting a prayer room where people from across our church can come and devote some time to encountering God. 

The prayer space will be accessible throughout the day and night. If you would like to book a slot, you will need to be a registered user of Planning Centre and a member of the Prayer room group. To do this, please click the button below to join the group, then register (or log in, if already registered with Planning Centre). When accepted into the group, you will be sent a password in which you need to access the calendar and from there you will be able to book a slot. After you have booked a slot you will receive a further email which contains the instructions on how to enter the building. 

Below is a copy of our Prayer Room terms and conditions. By entering the calendar, this means you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions. 

Terms and conditions of the prayer room

Having access to building is a privilege. We have taken many steps to ensure that the building is accessible at all time, yet remaining safe and secure. During all appointments at the prayer room we ask that you maintain these conditions. 

  • That you use only the upstairs room and it's facilities. Keeping out of other rooms so to respect the bookings and room use that take place throughout the week. 
  • When entering and exiting the building you will ensure that the door is fully closed behind you.
  • That under no circumstance will you give out the door code.
  • Upon arrival you know the correct door code. The code on the door will change frequently during the month of prayer and the most recent code will be sent to you via email 24h and 1h before you arrival.
  • The entry to the door must not be held open for anyone else trying to gain access to the building.
  • Ensure that the buildings use is consistent with a lifestyle that honours God.
  • Leave the spaces you've used in a  clean and tidy condition, ready for use by others. 
  • Respect your appointment time. Please leave quietly and promptly once the next visitor to the prayer room  has arrived and your appointment slot has ended.