We are a people with a mission. We believe we are called to join Jesus’ mission to reach the lost, last and the least in our city and around our world.


Central to our understanding of mission is the concept of the ‘frontline’. We believe that every Christian has been strategically placed by God into locations where they can touch other people’s lives with the love and light of Christ. It could be an office, a classroom, a school gate, or a lecture theare.  These locations are our ‘frontline’ and our place of mission. 


Embrace is a local charity that is based at the Elim building. Embrace exists to serve vulnerable women across our city, bringing light into situations of despair and offering hope for the future through the team’s confidence in God’s ability to change lives. Embrace is supported by a number of churches in Coventry, including Elim. Check out the Embrace website for more information.


Refresh is a mission hub that gives you a great opportunity to serve students in Coventry. The student community is continuously growing in Coventry and we believe that we should be reaching out to them. Our team serve by simply handing out free water to people coming out of the night club ‘Kasbah’ on Friday nights. Through doing this we are given opportunities to share Jesus with those who are open to conversation.


Compassion is one of the world’s leading child development and child advocacy organisations. They offer local churches the opportunity to sponsor children in church-based Compassion projects in some of the world’s poorest nations. Here at Coventry Elim, individuals and families currently sponsor 85 children in Ethiopia.

Elim Missions

Elim Missions currently supports 55 missionaries in 27 different countries, and Coventry Elim has been a long-term supporter of Elim in Guyana. More recently, we began supporting Elim’s ‘Be Free’ projects, which aim to bring an end to human exploitation in places like Cambodia and the DRC.