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Elim Locally

Coventry Elim is part of the Elim Pentecostal Church, a growing movement of more than 550 Christian congregations in the UK and Ireland. The Elim Church in Coventry was founded in 1933 and occupied other smaller premises in Coventry before moving to the present building in the Butts in 1980. During this time, the church has grown in a variety of ways, from the number of people who attend each week, to the wide programme of activities and its influence in the local community.

Elim Nationally

Elim was founded in 1915 by George Jeffreys, a young Christian from Maesteg in South Wales. Jeffreys and a group of friends, known as the Elim Evangelistic Band, preached, started churches and witnessed a move of God that was characterised by miraculous healings and an explosion in the number of people becoming Christians. The founders wanted the name of their new movement to express their vision and values, and so chose ‘Elim’, the name of an oasis in the Bible that the Israelites discovered as they wandered through the desert.

In a world that can feel like a desert, Elim’s 21st-century churches seek to be places of spiritual refreshing within their communities. For more information about Elim go to